Welcome to Clements Group Health Insurance Program

Clements Group Health ™ is exclusively offered by Clements Worldwide and is powered by HTH Worldwide who provides service and claims administration.

Clements Worldwide is the leading provider of insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers worldwide car, property, life and health, and specialty and high risk insurance to clients in more than 170 countries. Our dedicated staffs in Washington, DC, London, and Dubai are committed to providing superior customer service. We have designed the Clements Group Health plan to meet the specific needs of organizations worldwide. It offers a maximum lifetime benefit of $5 million for each covered person and is available to eligible employees and their families. With the Group Health plan, you may seek care from any qualified physician, anywhere in the world. We prefer to develop each plan individually as needs vary among regions.

For more information on Clements Worldwide and our portfolio of worldwide insurance programs, visit www.clements.com.